Finger Printing/TB test

Policy Statement:
As stated in BP 1240, the GUSD Board recognizes that volunteer assistance in schools can enrich the educational program, increase supervision of students and contribute to school safety while strengthening the schools’ relationships with the community. The Board encourages parents/guardians and other members of the community to share their time, knowledge, and abilities with students.  


Fingerprinting Guidelines:
The Gilroy Unified School District adheres to California State statutes pertaining to supervised volunteerism in schools.  Fingerprinting clearance by the FBI and DOJ is required in certain situations which are outlined below.  

  • Parents must be fingerprinted if they are going to accompany students on an overnight field trip.

  • Parents must be fingerprinted if they are going to be alone with students (other than just their own children) at any time, e.g. walking a student to the office, supervising students on the playground and not within the view of a certificated employee, chaperoning a group of students at a museum and not within the view of the teacher.  As much as possible, these situations should be avoided.

  • Parent volunteers in the classroom do not have to be fingerprinted as long as they are directly supervised by a teacher or other certificated employee at all times.

  • Parents may drive students without being fingerprinted, if their own child is in the vehicle and they have written permission of the other students' parents to ride in their vehicle.  Parent drivers must also follow the attached guidelines to be cleared to drive students.

  • Parents will only need to be fingerprinted once during their volunteer service within the district.

  • If a parent has been fingerprinted through their place of employment e.g. police dept., government agency, etc., the District will accept an official letter from the parent’s employer stating the date that the fingerprint clearance was received and agreement that if there are any “hits” on the parent’s record, they will notify GUSD.

Megans’ Law Website Check
By law (Penal Code §290(a)(2)(A)-(E)), parents must disclose if they are a registered sex offender and/or listed on the Department of Justice Meghan’s Law web site at  Any parent volunteer applicant whose name appears on the Megan’s Law online database is prohibited from serving as a volunteer in any capacity for any length of time, including for one-time activities.  Site administrators or designees will check the names of parent volunteers on the Meghan’s law website in September and January each school year.



TB Guidelines
Beginning January 1, 2017, all parent volunteers and parents that have contact with students must submit clearance of TB in order to volunteer at a school site.  Parent volunteers must complete the T.B. Risk Assessment Questionnaire which must be administered by a licensed health care provider.  If there are no risk factors identified, a Certificate of Completion will be provided to the parent volunteer by the health care provider.  If risk factors are identified, further examination through TB skin or blood tests, and/or chest X-rays may be required.  Once the health care provider determines that the individual is free from infectious TB, a Certificate of Completion will be issued; and the prospective volunteer must submit a copy of it to the District Office H.R. Department.  Parent volunteers may be able to obtain TB screenings at a reduced cost through the Foothill Clinics located at Glen View School and next to St. Louise Hospital.
This process must be repeated every 4 years.



  • Parents must complete the GUSD Parent Volunteer Form (form only available from the DO. See below for details)

  • Site principals must submit a list of parents that need to be fingerprinted based on the guidelines outlined above no later than one week in advance of when the parents will report to the District Office Human Resources Department.  This list must include name and phone number of the parent who is authorized for Live Scan fingerprinting.

  • Fingerprint authorization forms will be provided to parents on the following days and times at the District Office(or by appointment: Tuesdays, 3:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m., and Wednesdays, 8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.  Parents must provide government-issued picture identifications.

  • Fingerprint authorizations will be processed by the District Office.  After District Office staff process the fingerprinting form, parents will be provided with the locations of Live Scan fingerprinting services.  Parents must take the form to a fingerprint facility and pay the fee for fingerprinting (DOJ & FBI one-time fee = $69.  Note: This fee is subject to change by the two agencies.) Where available, funds provided by a parent club/association and/or charitable donations may be used to cover the cost of fingerprinting. The District has allocated a small budget per school (based on the number of students eligible for free and reduced price lunches) which may be used for parents to be fingerprinted who cannot afford to pay the fees.

  • The District Office’s Human Resources staff will notify the site principal when the fingerprint Live Scan results are received.