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The Rucker Way 


Founded and constructed in 1894, Rucker School was a center for education and community events for the pioneers that purchased the land in the area known as the Rucker Township.  The once two-story building assured the settlers that their children would have an excellent education and better life. Earthquakes and fires have destroyed the structure more than once, but the original bell still stands and is a symbol of the strength of the community.  More importantly, the mission of providing an outstanding education endures.

Rucker became part of the Gilroy Unified School District in 1966 and now serves students in Kindergarten through 5th grades.  Rucker Theater Arts is a long-standing beloved program that promotes creativity and performance skills.  The Rucker Garden promotes stewardship to the environment and knowledge of how plants  grow and produce.  The Rucker Staff are committed to providing a varied and rigorous curriculum to our students that prepare them for a changing future.  An emphasis on inclusivity and kindness is core to the Rucker community.  School Accountability Report Card (Spanish)