Home and School Club

The Rucker Home and School Club believes in providing a strong sense of community through modeling good citizenship, responsibility, partnership and respect for diversity.

We are moms and dads, uncles and aunts, grandparents, and friends who care about children and education. We are welcoming and friendly. We are your neighbors and we share many of the same concerns you do.

“Students do best when parents and teachers work together as partners.” 

A great way to learn more about Rucker Elementary, get connected with other parents, and be part of your child’s education is to get involved with our home and school club.  Parent groups play an important role in building the kind of supportive school environment where teachers and students alike can do their best work. Our home and school club is a terrific source of information about our school and community.


What you do matters

Did you know that parents have a significant effect on their child's education? It’s true.

Good education isn’t just about teachers and school; what you do as a parent really counts. There have been more than 500 independent research studies on parents and school, and they all show the same thing: When parents get involved in their child’s education, good things happen. Some of the benefits:

  • Grades go up
  • Test scores rise
  • Behavior improves

Involved parents help teachers and the school.

What does the Rucker Home School Club do?

Our primary objective is to provide our school with funds, programs, resources, and services that will enrich the education of the children. To meet this important objective, and afford services that are no longer covered by our school budgets, we must fund-raise. While this isn't our favorite responsibility, it is a crucial one.

Some of the great activities that the funds raised go to are:


  • School assemblies
  • Field trips
  • Supplies for teachers
  • Arts Alive – volunteer run program to expose and teach students about fine art
  • Student Rewards: Lunches with the Principal, Play Day, Rucker Reader Rock!
  • Turkey Trot – 4th 5th grade run
  • Bunny Hop – K through 3rd grade run
  • The Strawberry Festival
  • Band
  • Choir
  • Garden
  • Fifth grade promotion
  • Family Nights (movies, Bingo, Story-telling)
  • Dinner nights (Papa Murphy's Pizza, Black Bear Diner, more)


Your help with fund raising is very much appreciated.  We also always need volunteers to help make these programs work.  There are opportunities for every level of involvement.  Want to help setup at an event? Want to coordinate with a team to make an event work?  Want to be in charge of school-wide fund-raising efforts?  All of these opportunities (and more!) are available.  


Come learn how you can be more involved through the Parents Club meetings or contacting any of the board members. A great way to reach us is through our email below... 


Email: homeandschoolrucker@gmail.com


Rucker Home and School Club

 meetings our held the

2nd Tuesday of each month

in the Library beginning at 7:00 PM. 


For questions or concerns email us at