RHSC Committees


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Board Members


President: Loretta Nelson

Preside at all meetings of the Parent Club and Executive Board. The President and Treasurers are responsible for preparing the annual report. The President, along with the Executive Board, will fund the upcoming year's budget.


Vice President: Veronica Escontrias

Act as aide to President. Shall be the member's ex-officio of all committees, except Nominating Committees, and in the absence of the President, shall perform all duties.      


Secretary: Natalie Webb

Keep accurate record of all proceedings of all meetings of the Executive Board and general meetings. Be prepared to refer to the minutes of previous meetings, and prepare a summary of all unfinished business for the use of the President. Keep copies of the minutes of the Executive Board and general meetings on file in the school office.        


Co-Secretary: Adrianna Hernandez

Manage communications and marketing for the HSC, including but not limited to HSC Newsletters, Email Broadcasts, Social Media, Bulletin Boards, and Posters. Prepare notes of thanks, sympathy, inquiry, etc... Collect email addresses from members, notify chamber about interesting PTO news.  


Treasurer(S): Charity Kay | Co -Treasurer: Blanca Cuevas


The Treasures shall receive all monies of the Club, keeping an accurate written record thereof following generally accepted accounting principles, and shall keep record of membership donations. The Treasures shall deposit monies in name of the Club in the Club's account financial institution approved by the Executive Board; shall keep an accurate record of the receipts and disbursement of Club funds following generally accepted accounting principles.   




Arts Alive:  Erin Pacheco 

The committee chairperson(s) helps with finding volunteers to expose and teach students about fine art in each classroom. Help keep the  art room clean and organized. Helps with planning art show in spring. 


Book Fair Coordinator:  JOIN

The committee chairperson(s) schedules the fair, coordinates/trains volunteers, helps set-up/take down, advertises the fair (signs around school, Yahoo Blast, etc.) and organizes classroom visits and family nights.

The Scholastic book fair is held before December and one in spring. 


Box Tops For Education:   Michelle Marini

This committee chair receives all of the submitted BoxTops and turns them in so our school receives credit. This is a year round position.


Bulletin Boards:  JOIN

Located in the office on the wall are bulletin boards. A parent volunteer updates these with flyers full of useful information.


RHSC Copy Club:  Amanda Berhorst

Responsible to make copy's by the end of day Tuesday to home with all envelopes


Communications Committee:

Chair:   RHSC – President Danielle Marcucci , Ashley Bortolussi

  • Objective:  To keep parents and community informed and connected.  We aim to implement best practices in school-wide communication.


  • Newsletter:  We need help designing, developing, producing and distributing our Newsletter. The Newsletter features a Principal’s message; highlights, updates and important dates from Parent Groups on Campus; student work including art and writing samples and Field Trip descriptions; volunteer spotlights; and Community highlights.  This team would be responsible for research, interviews, graphic design, editing, translation and setting deadlines.


  • Email Distribution: Develop a reliable, informative and secure method for distributing information electronically. Our families deserve to receive school-wide announcements and updates via email at a reasonable, regular interval, while also keeping email addresses protected.  Because we believe it is important for information going home to families to be accurate and approved, we designed a system using Constant Contact marketing tool.  This system is intended as a collection for our principal, staff, teachers and parent leaders to distribute information.  As well as the place you will look to for information.  We would like 100% of families to sign up.


  • Website:  For now the Parent club president will fill this role. Open to suggestion or help from committee members.


  • Signage and/or Paper Communications:   The Rucker Home and School Board & committees often need help creating publications or displays, as well as the distribution of publications.


Education: JOIN

This committee chair  is responsible for recommending  and scheduling all Home and School Club sponsored assemblies and shall be chairperson for the Scholarship Committee.   


Equipment:  JOIN

This committee head is responsible for maintaining the equipment closet.  They remove and replace old worn out equipment and order new equipment as needed.


Fundraising:  JOIN

This committee chair is responsible for organizing fundraisers as deemed necessary by the Executive Board.  


Sweet Heart Dance: JOIN

This committee chair oversees the Sweet Heart  Dance which usually takes place in February.  They organize and plan, coordinate volunteers to help during the event, collect funds, and advertise the event through the Rucker’s Newsletter, Website, and Rucker’s Weekly Parent Club News.


Family Fun Nights/Charities:  Amanda Berhorst

This committee chair schedules and coordinates all of the family fun nights with different restaurants and stores for the school year.  This person sends out flyers to the parents when an event is coming up as well as has the flyers published through the school website, email blasts, and in the white envelopes.  This is a year round position.


Hospitality:  JOIN

This committee chair makes provisions for school parties or functions approved by the Executive Board, coordinate Teacher Appreciation Week, and food for Kindergarten orientation.


Library Support Services: JOIN

This is a year round position. Objective: To assist our School Librarian in the coordination of Library Services. Help build Library inventory/material per Librarian specifications. 


Legislative Grants Technology: Danielle Berry

This program helps find, write and win grants in order to help Smith Elementary succeed by changing and improving our school with the additional money received through the Grant Program


Marquee: JOIN

This committee chair is responsible for updating the school sign outside with HSC events and birthdays.


Play Day: JOIN


Public Relations: JOIN

This committee chairperson is responsible for writing articles about school wide events in the local newspapers.  The majority of the work can be done from home.  This person will work closely with the VP of Communications, RHSC President, and the school Principal to get quotes, photos, and approval for the articles prior to submitting to be published.  This committee is a year round responsibility.


Room Parent Coordinator: JOIN

Ensure that a room parent has been identified for every classroom. Must attend HSC meetings and notify room parents via email event dates, fundraising dates, reminders for upcoming holiday parties, decorated doors, etc....    


Rucker Fest:  JOIN


Silent Auction:  JOIN

The Silent Auction (Co)-Chairs are responsible for planning, coordinating, and promoting the school wide annual Silent Auction which takes place the same day as Rucker Fest.  They oversee the entire Silent Auction and support all sub-committee leads, including procurement, class baskets, raffles, silent auction parties, basket building, marketing and PR, and auction close-out.


SCRIP Coordinators: JOIN

They solicit local vendors to participate in the SCRIP program.  The SCRIP chairperson(s) creates and keeps a “scrip box” stocked of gift cards.. We would like to eventually have a SCRIP table staffed with 2 sellers per shift (morning & afternoon) per school day. This person will also advertises SCRIP in the weekly email blasts, Rucker Newsletter, website, and Facebook page.  The chairperson(s) are required to attend RHSC meetings and give a brief report on current sales, happenings, and issues.  This position has weekly duties:

Counts the income & reconciles with the orders

Gives deposit to the depositor for bank deposit

Counts the SCRIP inventory & Reconciles with the orders for that week (This is done on a spreadsheet).

Report sales and any issues to the RHSC President and VP of Ways & Means each week (a copy of the spreadsheet is also sent).



The eSCRIP chairperson works with the SCRIP chairpersons to increase awareness and participation in the eSCRIP program. In addition, they write print marketing to increase the number of families that register for the program, including Rucker announcements and Weekly email blasts.  Will look into Nob Hill and what they offer! This is year round position that allows flexibility in the schedule.


School Board Rep: JOIN

This volunteer attends school board meetings and provides information at the RHSC meetings that may impact Rucker school.


School Beautification: Jennifer Kirk

The School Beautification Chairperson(s) is/are responsible for organizing clean-up days, greening up outdoor spaces, planting, weeding, and tending the plants as well as in the garden area, and providing necessary repairs. This effort helps give Rucker that happy, welcoming appearance we all know and love. This is a flexible position that can be done, before during or after school, or even the weekends. 


Staff Appreciation Committee:  JOIN

  • Objective: To rally families in a special event that showcases our appreciation for the work our teachers and staff do on a daily basis.
  • The Staff Appreciation chairperson coordinates four themed luncheons per year and provides snacks during conference times.  Committee members seek donations of food, etc. for the luncheons and/or volunteer to set up, serve, and clean up at the luncheons. This is a year-long position.


Teacher Appreciation Week:  JOIN

National Teacher Appreciation week is in May and it gives us an opportunity to give back. We spend a full week saying thank you to our staff in big ways and small ways.


Spirit Wear:  JOIN

Each year, the RHSC sells clothing with the school logo on it, such as shirts and hooded sweatshirts. We hope to set up a table morning and afternoon and sell them with scrip.

The Spirit Wear Committee Chairperson(s) is/are responsible for ordering and selling the Rucker spirit shirts.  It is a daily responsibility at the beginning of the school year to fill orders (aprox. 20 minutes a day), then it does become a weekly job throughout the school year.  The shirts are sold at the SCRIP table and money is collected there.  It is the Spirit Wear Committee Chairperson’s job to collect and deposit those funds.


Yearbook:  Lisa Wharton  and   Wendy Anes-Blakey

The Yearbook Chairperson is responsible for putting the annual yearbook together.  This person coordinates volunteers to be photographers, classroom page creators, advertise yearbook sales, track sales, work with the vendor for ordering and distributing the yearbooks.