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Gilroy Presbyterian Church
Tickets available: The Gilroy High School / Solorsano Choral Ensembles and Boosters would like to invite you to our 2nd concert of the 2018-2019 school year. Songs for a Winter Evening: Community, Compassion, and Courage Wednesday, December 12th with Solorsano MS Choir ThursdayDecember 13th with guests GUSD Elementary Honors Choir 7:30pm at Gilroy Presbyterian Church $8 adults and $5 students We are very excited to present to you the literature we have been rehearsing this quarter. As we walk through this journey together and navigate the twists and turns of life, we seek out others to become a part of our tribe, our safe place, our community. In one's community we find strength, compassion, understanding, support and sometimes it requires our courage. The theme of this year's choral concert series is "Community, Compassion and Courage." The diverse choral literature we will be performing will address a range of human experiences. As in life, there are hardships and triumphs, loss and laughter, the dark and the light. We hope to create a community of singers and audience members who include compassionate individuals who can make courageous choices to improve the life of others and ourselves. Together. In addition, the evening will feature a World Premier of a new composition by Kyle Jone. From the composer, "There are moments in life, private moments, when we seem to see beyond the reality of our lives - when we are flashes of clairvoyance. At these times we know joy, peace, wisdom, hope, with a surety that sustains our beliefs in God. There is a song within us - deep, personal, and lovely - that fills us with a sense of wonder and frees us to understand, if only briefly, infinity and our reason for being. So stunning they are that we are simply unable to recreate even a pale shadow of God's eternal touch. All we can do is believe in the knowledge that such moments exist for every human being. I believe it is the artist's/composer's job to make pieces that are vehicles for the "moment of the touch" and our obligation as musicians to exploit that vehicle to its fullest potential. Music exists in an "infinity" of sound. I think of all music as existing in the substance of the air itself. It is a composer's task to make order and sense of sound, in time and space, to communicate something about being alive through music." We wonder what would happen in our world if we all chose to lift up those around us and include them in our community. The students and I would like to invite all of you into our wonderful, creative choir tribe as we explore "Community, Compassion and Courage" through our universal language of music. Through this music we find a deeper connection within ourself, our colleagues and our community. Please join us. Music is an integral part of human history, the ability to listen with understanding and deriving meaning from it is essential if we are to gain a broad cultural and historical perspective. We hope you can join us at 7:30pm on Wednesday December 12th or Thursday December 13th. We look forward to presenting an evening of interesting and diverse choral music. If you have not had to opportunity to attend one of our concerts, please join us. Invite your friends. ¡Viva la musica!

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